Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Aroma of Life

Cooler temperatures are here and fall is coming. All the windows are open and the breeze is flowing through the house. This morning my children and I picked beets and long, bright orange and purple carrots from our garden. While I carefully cut off all the greens and brushed the dirt off the roots, my children played Peter Pan, chasing each other around with a carrot that looked like a hook.

I blanched the beet greens and froze them to eat this winter. Some of the carrot greens went into a huge pot of chicken broth I had started on the stove. I also washed and prepared fresh basil and parsley, both from our garden and the CSA. I'll put some in the stock an hour before it is finished and dry the rest. Mint tea, made with fresh leaves, is steeping on the stove. My house and my hands smell like heaven. If only I could find a way to bottle this smell and this day. Thank you God for your blessings.